STEM Robotics Partnership Opportunities

“Transforming Education. Be a part of it.”

What is STEM Robotics?

Why STEM Robotics?

STEM Robotics Courses

Multi-Dimensional Program

STEM Robotics Academy Programs plugs into all the 3 verticals a parent/school would look for – as an Academic syllabus in school, a wonderful program for After School enrichment and International Robotics Competition training.

Partner Criteria


  • Located in a residential or commercial location for conducting business in a predefined geographical region.
  • Offering structured STEM and Robotics courses for students in the age group of 6‐22 years.
  • Offering Structured, Curriculum aligned courses in Schools as a specialist in Robotics training.
  • Age group/class aligned curriculum, activities and hands‐on learning solution to augments classroom learning to enhance Scholastic area – project based, engaging environment, STEM learning.

Preferred partner profile

  • Educated Professionals
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Engineers / Technical Experts

Revenue Models

  • Schools
  • Classes in academy
  • Industrial Projects
  • Academic Projects
  • Robotic workshops
  • Robotic Toy

STEM Robotics Associate

STEM Robotics Associate Programs


“Be a Partner of STEM Robotics; mould
the future; Transforming Education”