“Transforming Education. Be a part of it.”

What is STEM Robotics?

  • STEM Robotics Academy has Kerala’s fastest growing Robotics training program that offers a proven, robust and profitable business model to teach robotics concepts to children between 6‐22 years.
  • Investors and partners will benefit by building their own business that is satisfying and enriching since demand for ROBOTICS and CODING as a learning tool will continue to grow over next several years.
  • STEM based jobs will continue to lead job market with highest pay packets in India, USA, Canada and Europe.

Why STEM Robotics?

  • Proven and established business model. Own flagship center in Thrissur.
  • Center based business model.
  • Full time technical, business advisory and marketing collateral support throughout the contract without any additional cost to partner.
  • Structured, well build and all-round courses that are backed by professional academic R&D team.

STEM Robotics Courses

  • Based on “Learn by Doing” / “Do It Yourself” methodology for young people between 6 ‐ 22-year age group.
  • Teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) concepts for academic brilliance.
  • Augment cognitive, computational thinking in children.
  • Develop problem solving and essential life skills for success in personal and professional lives.
  • Foster creativity and innovative mindset in children with the use of hand‐on Robotics and technology based learning tools and programs.

Multi-Dimensional Program

STEM Robotics Academy Programs plugs into all the 3 verticals a parent/school would look for – as an Academic syllabus in school, a wonderful program for After School enrichment and International Robotics Competition training.

Partner Criteria

  • Dynamic and progressive mindset.
  • Existing business in education/student training or teaching/ training background preferred, but not essential.
  • Desire to invest into a promising and future centric education business.
  • Ability to take ownership to expand this path breaking opportunity.
  • Professional and ethical business values.


  • Located in a residential or commercial location for conducting business in a predefined geographical region.
  • Offering structured STEM and Robotics courses for students in the age group of 6‐22 years.
  • Offering Structured, Curriculum aligned courses in Schools as a specialist in Robotics training.
  • Age group/class aligned curriculum,
    activities and hands‐on learning solution to augments classroom learning to enhance Scholastic area – project based, engaging environment, STEM learning.

Preferred partner profile

  • Educated Professionals
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Engineers / Technical Experts

Revenue Models

  • Schools
  • Classes in academy
  • Industrial Projects
  • Academic Projects
  • Robotic workshops
  • Robotic Toy

STEM Robotics Associate

  • Prospecting and Marketing to schools and individuals
  • Sale of STEM Robotics kits
    • On commission basis
    • Or stock and sale basis
  • Annually renewable contract
  • Initial investment as Master partners fee.
  • Authority to find Sub Partner academy and collect partners fee
  • Revenue sharing on fee collected on student enrollment with STEM Robotics and for training business in schools. (70%Sub-Partner Academy,15% Master Partner Academy & 15% STEM Solutions)

STEM Robotics Associate Programs

  • Industrial Automation
  • Science Experiments
  • Micro Projects
  • School/College Projects
  • Workshops
  • Product Development and Sales


  • Engineer’s recruitment, training and placement.
  • Supply of Robotic kits and other work materials including marketing materials
  • Organizing of inter and intra Robotic competitions.
  • Timely syllabus upgradation, support and trainings

“Be a Partner of STEM Robotics; mould
the future; Transforming Education”